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We do not feel that we can talk about Patriotism enough or too often.
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~Semper Fidelis~

Flag Etiquette

The American flag is considered to be a living symbol representing a living Country. Our Colors represent the many freedoms, rights, and responsibilities enjoyed by citizens of these United States. Therefore, proper American flag etiquette shows respect for our nation and the proper display and use of the American flag is the responsibility of every American citizen. As a beacon of hope and an emblem of unity, the American flag beckons our spirit, reminding us that freedom will always prevail.

Honor Guards

Most Honor Guards across our Country are made up of Veterans. As veterans, we make up a cross-section of our Country’s military, but though we come from different branches of service and have served at different times, we all share a common value. We are a reflection of our Nation’s deep gratitude for those whom, in times of war and of peace, have defended our Country with Honor, Courage, and Commitment. We have the solemn obligation of rendering the proper and final respect, as tribute due these faithful warriors.

Veterans ~ How We Serve In Our Communities

For many of us, our “Walks” began with an oath to defend and protect our Country, against enemies both foreign and domestic. An oath that had no expiration date. Today many of us are continuing that walk by serving within our Communities and supporting those Warriors of today that continue to defend our great Nation.

The Walk

Why would someone “Your” age want to walk across the Country? How long is going to take you? Does anyone really care about Patriotism any more? Does anyone really want to hear about God? How do you train for a walk across the Country? Are you healthy enough to do this? Why did you decide to walk across the United States? The answers to these questions and more will be discussed during this presentation.

VF-161, Chargers

“Chuck’s presentations where both informative and powerful, please come and visit us again.”

-Graeme Lucas, Geek-A-Roo